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When you think of landscaping, you probably think of gardening in the natural,  outdoor environment. Did you know you can create the same effect indoors?

The possibilities are truly endless with interior plant landscaping, which is,  in the plant industry, known as interiorscaping.

We can customize and enhance your space by adding plants to any office building, hotel lobby or atrium.

After you contact us, the fun begins; you get to use your creative side or let us help with your design. Your options are unlimited when it comes to adding color and texture when choosing your decorative containers and tropical plants.

Just imagine how beautiful your design will be with your new interior plants or even a living wall. There are many benefits beyond just the amazing aesthetics you have created. Many studies indicate that being surrounded by the beauty of nature reduces stress and creates a more appealing environment.

Please contact us and let’s get started on creating your new interior plant design!

David Liu, President, Foliage Design.



More about Foliage Design:

Serving the West Coast of Florida for over 20 years, FDS is an award-winning INTERIOR landscaping company that enhances businesses, commercial property environments, and residences with the beauty and benefits of plants.   FDS provides a full range of indoor plant services that include the design, installation, and maintenance of live plants and decorative planters.   We can provide small, desk top live plants, right on up to soaring palms with under plantings to create your own indoor oasis.  Atriums and lobbies are our specialty!  Our uniformed technicians are trained professionals in the care, watering, and maintenance of tropical indoor office plants, ensuring your live plant investment’s beauty for many years. A variety of purchase, lease, short term rental, and interior plant services and maintenance programs are available to meet your specific financial needs.

Let’s Get into the Holiday Spirit Together!

With over a dozen themes to choose from, our experienced designers will work with you to create a festive holiday season to remember. Your space could be the talk of the town. Imagine how relaxing your next season could be while our team of experts handles everything. All of our design themes are customizable themes and complete with professional installation. For your convenience we also take everything down at the end of the holidays and store it for you until next season comes around. We have purchase and lease plans to suit practically any budget.
Please contact your holiday specialist to request a meeting or a quote!

Call 1.800.933.7351 or send us a message for more details.

See Holiday images.

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