Green Walls

An interesting and diverse plant selection gives this green wall character!


What a stunning statement this wall adds to this waiting area!  Beautiful green, living plants welcome all guests in this living wall.


Did you ever consider displaying a living piece of artwork?

That’s what we can design for you using 4” or 6” live plants inside a picture frame.

Live plant portraits would look great on any wall space in your office or lobby.  This live plant artwork comes in a variety of sizes and frame colors. Installation and plant care provided. by Foliage Design!


Green Walls also known as living walls, vertical gardens or plant walls is one of the fastest growing trends in the plant world industry. Whether outdoors at a campus court yard (photo 5,6,7) or a resort parking garage (photo 1,2), or a free standing green wall divider in the office for added privacy and noise reduction (photo 3,4), FDS can create and design a suitable green wall for almost any space or surrounding.   A green wall will definitely have everyone talking while creating a more inviting environment by adding the natural elements of nature.


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