University of Tampa Student and Plant Move in Day

Welcome Back Students and plants move in day! Eight 12 ft tall by 6 ft wide green walls stand like sentries guarding this beautifully planted fountain garden courtyard at the Tampa University. At the beginning of the pandemic, all the green wall plants had been removed. In preparation for the new school year, we flushed… Read more »

Three Ravinia Drive

On Earth Day, Atlanta’s WXIA, 11 Alive news station featured the new Three Ravinia green wall… stunning! FDS Atlanta maintains the plants, keeping the living art at its best! 15,471 plants, in 4” pots 47’3″ tall x 53′ wide which includes both side returns Plant List: Marble Queen pothos,cordatum, Neon pothos, Philo brazil and Schefflera… Read more »

Featured Project: Florida Church of Scientology Living Fence

“Good Earth Plants designed and installed a living fence for the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida. We used a new product for the 30-foot long fence. The living fence comes pre-planted with ivy in 4X6 foot wide sections. The ivy is fully grown in with no wait time needed to fill up the grid.”… Read more »

Delaware Valley Living Wall

The Living Wall installed was the EcoWalls system. It is a circulating system to max the LEED Points, and building is LEED certified. Rain water is captured on the roof and fed into 3 “rain hogs” below the wall. The water is pumped through a filter and nutrient canister and back up through the wall… Read more »

Where Do Plants Come From?

To answer that question, we have to go back in time. How far back? Researchers found that land plants arrived some 700 million or so years ago. Or if you want to get technical, land fungi, also a type of plant, have been around about 1,300 million years. Plants came along, and with them the… Read more »