Seasonal Products & Display

Here on the West Coast of Florida, we are lucky to have sunny skies , warm weather and beautiful beaches, which is why so many of our northern friends and family come here to vacation and live. But what we don’t have is the change of seasons, colorful fall leaves, apples and snow (but we do love our oranges)!

We can bring in the seasons for you with our spring, fall and Holiday displays. Imagine your building lobby with hay bales, scarecrows, pumpkins and mums -just a few items that scream fall and Thanksgiving. Speaking of “scream”, our Halloween displays can be scary, but not too scary; we stick with fun. Most of all, our Christmas/Holiday displays are spectacular, and all of our holiday themes can be customized. From 20 foot tall trees with all the trimmings, to wreaths, garlands, light displays, scenes and sleighs, you don’t have to trim that tree any more. Our professional installation team will come in with the speed and expertise of Santa’s elves and transform your space into a Holiday wonderland.

We’ll take it down and store it for you so you don’t have to ever say “Bah Humbug” again! Our holiday decorations can meet the most extravagant needs, or can just be tasteful and affordable.  Call us soon; our designers can give you a cost-free estimate to see how our Seasonal and Holiday displays can enhance your space. When your guests, tenants, friends and family tell you how wonderful the decorations are, go ahead, take the credit… we won’t tell!


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