Interiorscaping Services

Live plants are not just a beautiful addition to your surroundings; they are an investment in employee wellbeing and productivity. Plants in your building lobby, office, restaurant, hotel, hospital or any other place where people gather can give you a competitive edge because plants in stylish planters tell a story about you. Simply put, having professionally managed live plants screams high end. It is often said, if you can afford a plant service, you are highly successful. But, plants can be very affordable and often costs less than the cleaning service! Plants don’t have to take up a lot of room and a single, well cared for, healthy plant can become the focal point of an entire area. We also install and care for plant walls, one of the hottest design concepts to come around in years. Plants are an investment that brings such a great return that you will want to protect that investment with our professional service with guaranteed free plant replacement (see our agreement; conditions apply). Our Orlando area professional plant care technicians are fully trained, uniformed and insured. They love plants and their job (in what order we can’t say), they are friendly and nice to have around, and they don’t even need training for that. Our fulltime horticulturists are nationally recognized as experts having won dozens of awards. We are well known and often called upon for “rescue operations” as we revive neglected plants with state of the art plant health management techniques.