Exterior Plants & Color Bowls in Clearwater, St. Pete, and Tampa

Foliage Design Systems is known for our award-winning interiorscape work, but our knowledge of plants and containers allows us to exterior projects as well. We do not offer full service exterior landscaping, however, our exterior services include containerized plants for building entrances, courtyards, pool decks, and much more.

Our design team utilizes vast selection plant species with different colors, textures, and sizes to enhance your exterior space. The addition of exterior plants will attract many visitors, can provide many benefits for commercial buildings. Occupancy rates increase, tenants will be happier, attracting potential customers are just a few of the benefits exterior plants can provide. Exterior plants can help augment building features, while making empty open space much more visually appealing.

Color bowls are a specialty of Foliage Design Systems of Tampa Bay. These gorgeous arrangements can be done for interior and exterior spaces. Color bowls feature a combination of flowering and foliage plants to provide a burst of color to any space. Check out our color bowls photo gallery for some inspiration!