Green & Living Walls in Clearwater, St. Pete, and Tampa

Commercial spaces are always trying to find ways to cover blank, empty walls that turn the space into an empty echo chamber. These walls are usually covered with some type of large artwork that just blends into the surroundings and doesn’t make a statement. If you are looking for a focal point that is sure to grab attention, Foliage Design Systems of Tampa Bay has the prefect solution with our living plant walls and vertical gardens.

Commercial Green Walls in Clearwater, St. Pete, Tampa

Green walls, also known as living plant walls or vertical gardens, are one of the fastest growing trends in the plant industry. These fixtures add an abundance of energy and live that many commercial spaces lack. Green walls range from a small hanging frame known as a plant portrait all the way to large, commercial projects. Green walls also work for both interior and exterior environments. With over 20 years of experience, Foliage Design Systems of Tampa Bay is well equipped to transform your space with a living plant wall.

Bring any ordinary wall to life with a green wall installed and maintained by Foliage Design Systems of Tampa Bay.

Vertical Gardens for Offices in Clearwater, St. Pete, Tampa

Beyond the installation and maintenance of green walls, Foliage Design Systems of Tampa bay can also design the green wall. For your consultation, we will exhibit our past green wall projects so you can become familiar with all the ways green walls can transform a space. With a vast knowledge of plant varieties, we can utilize the specific growing conditions and vibrant colors to create your dream vertical garden.

After the completed installation, the next part becomes taking care of the plants. It is important to give proper care, or else the wall will either decline or become overgrown and affect the original design. That’s where our professionally trained technicians save the day! Our plant maintenance program will ensure your living wall maintains the healthy, neat look you start with.

Contact us today to learn more about how living plants walls can give your space the facelift it needs.