Interior Plants for Atriums in Clearwater, St. Pete, Tampa, FL

We all know the saying the first impression is the most important. This statement stays true for building owners and managers when it comes to finding tenants to fill their space. With a large focus on how to make employees and tenants happy, there is one proven way to do that; through plants and other biophilic elements. A lobby atrium filled with lush greenery compared to a static, bland space provides a breath of fresh air as you get ready to walk into work that makes tenants more excited to come into work. Commercial projects such as atriums is where Foliage Design Systems distance itself from the competition. Any concept from flourishing ground cover to towering trees, and even gravel designs, Foliage Design Systems of Tampa Bay has you covered.

The design concepts of atriums have significantly changed throughout the years. Building managers are in a constant battle of keeping up with the trends and sometimes that calls for a renovation. Renovations provide an opportunity to reset and find a way to make your commercial property the most desirable. Foliage Design Systems of Tampa Bay has the experience and expertise to make sure your atrium is the best on the block. Our design experts are ready to help you design an interior oasis that will captivate all your visitors.

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Foliage Design Systems of Tampa Bay will be right there every step of the way for new commercial projects. Our design team will help to establish a budget, construct the optimal design, and explain all the added benefits of bringing nature indoors.

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