Moss Walls in Clearwater, St. Pete, and Tampa

Branching off the living green walls, preserved moss walls are one of the most unique services of the interiorscape industry. Moss walls are biophilic artwork that share many of the benefits that living green walls have. Moss walls provide environmental benefits such as noise reduction and removing pollutants from the air. There are also many mental health benefits to moss walls such as reduced stress, increased productivity, and an increased sense of happiness.

Despite all the similarities to the living plant walls, there are some key differences to moss walls. The moss is preserved with a natural paraffin or glycerin process. While the living green walls require weekly maintenance to keep their healthy appearance, these preserved moss walls can keep the vibrant look with no maintenance, other than an occasional dusting and misting.

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Customized Moss Pieces in Clearwater, St. Pete, and Tampa

Moss pieces have become very popular due to the freedom of design they allow. Moss pieces can be custom made for any space, and the design options are limitless. They can be used as artwork, a backdrop for a company logo, or anything you can imagine. Various types of moss are used for different colors, designs, and textures to create anything our clients envision. Other biophilic elements can be added to make the piece pop even more!