Natural Room Dividers

If you are not set on having a permanent fixture, such as a living plant wall or a moss wall, then a natural room divider may be the perfect solution for you. The room dividers give you the freedom to move them anywhere throughout your space. The natural room dividers can be designed in many ways. They can include living or artificial plants, preserved moss, or many other biophilic elements such as wood or stone, or any combination of these. Unless live plants are included, there is no maintenance required!

As the traditional office space is shifting into a more collaborative dynamic, natural room dividers can provide a unique way to add biophilia into an office space. Due to this cultural shift, office managers and companies, are trying to find different ways to have privacy and still promote creativity and productivity. Natural room dividers are the perfect solution!

Promote office wellbeing with a natural room divider from Foliage Design Systems of Tampa Bay.

There are many uses for natural room dividers. These dividers are used mainly to provide privacy in an office space, but can also be used to direct traffic, accent a wall, or simply used as a decoration. With the various uses, these room dividers still provide many of the health benefits of living plant walls and moss walls.