Indoor Office Plant Leasing & Rental in Tampa, FL

When you add plants to your office, it’ll brighten up the look of the space, improve your indoor air quality, and even boost the morale of your employees while impressing your clients and customers. But you’ll need to make sure you maintain your plants to continue to enjoy all these benefits moving forward. Foliage Design Systems Clearwater can help you with this by providing you with office plant leasing and plant rental in Clearwater and setting you up with weekly and monthly plant maintenance programs. We’ll handle feeding and watering your plants so they stay healthy and always look their best.

At Foliage Design Systems Clearwater, we have more than 20 years of experience when it comes to bringing the beauty of nature indoors through our gorgeous interior landscaping designs. We have a team of experienced designers to create beautiful plantscapes. We also have professional and courteous plant technicians capable of delivering weekly and monthly plant maintenance to your live plants so they don’t lose their luster at any point. It’ll give you a chance to enjoy the plants rather than constantly worrying about maintaining them.

From the moment you call on Foliage Design Systems Clearwater for office plant leasing and plant rental in Clearwater and have your plants installed, you’ll notice a difference in the way your office space looks and feels. You’ll also appreciate the weekly and monthly maintenance program you sign up for through us. Whether you only put a few plants into place or fill your entire office with greenery, it’ll enhance the overall appearance and help eliminate any stress you and your employees feel.

Give Foliage Design Systems Clearwater a call at 800-933-7351 to see how our office plant leasing and plant rental in Clearwater can benefit your business. We can also assist those businesses that operate in Tampa, St. Pete, and the surrounding areas.

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